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:: all blends are available seasonally ::

the INKA.PINKA blend


INCAYUYO : Lippia integrifolia :: translated as ‘herb of the Inca,’ this plant was traditionally inhaled to aid lung ailments 

PINK ROSE : Rosa damascena :: this sweet blossom alleviates constriction in the chest & throat, adding a gentle sweetness to this blend

GERMAN CHAMOMILE : Matricaria chamomilla :: traditionally used to calm the nerves & digestion, this well-known plant gives a nice mouthfeel to this blend

LINDEN FLOWER : Tilia cordata :: mildly sedating, this flower contributes to this blend’s smooth nature

the DREAM.TIME blend


DAMIANA : Turnera diffusa :: traditionally known for its aphrodisiacal qualities, this herb stimulates blood flow, enhancing body sensations

CATNIP : Nepeta cataria :: this mint family member is notorious for driving cats wild, yet is calming for humans, aiding restful sleep

MUGWORT : Artemisia douglasiana :: used for centuries for its warming, stimulating qualities…when smoked, the goddess of the wild, Artemis, is invoked & dreams are as vibrant as ever

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